Photek SoftLighter Umbrella


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Photek SoftLighter Umbrella

Another way to illuminate. Thanks to its different sizes M or L, you can enjoy a unique professional lighting experience.

An umbrella that can be quickly transformed into a softbox, the Photek SoftLighter 60″ umbrella with removable 8mm shaft is built on a classic umbrella redesigned with a fiberglass frame and white reflective fabric that is free of contaminants that could add an unwanted color cast to The unique modifier includes a diffuser that fits tightly over the open side of the umbrella and accepts flash heads 7.25″ or less in diameter: instant softbox lighting! The combination of light bouncing off the umbrella and through the diffuser produces a soft, flattering quality of light and, because the approach is softer, a portion of the shaft can be removed so you can work closer to your subject.

The SoftLighter’s 10-panel construction (instead of the usual 8) gives the fabric tighter support resulting in more controllable output and refined circular reflections in your subjects’ eyes. The umbrella’s black backing is removable, allowing you to shoot through the translucent white fabric for more vivid contrast. This SoftLighter umbrella ships with a removable 8mm shaft, but an optional 7mm shaft is available for lights that require it.