Set of flags of different sizes and diffusers.

Rosco flags are manufactured with a steel frame and in fabrics such as Molton, Gauze and Silk. They have a strong webbing around the frame which makes them strong, light and easy to handle. The webbing comes in different colors to make it easier to identify some of the materials from which the flags are made. They are available in six standard sizes. Replacement fabrics are sold separately with a Velcro system that attaches them to the frame.

All standard sizes are in stock:

12 “x 18” (30 x 46 cm).
18 “x 24” (46 x 61 cm)
24 “x 30” (61 x 76 cm)
24 “x 36″ (61 x 92 cm)
24″ x 72” (61 x 182 cm)
30 “x 36″ (76 x 92 cm)
48″ x 48” (122 x 122 cm)

Color Codes:

Molton Black – Black
Black Single Gauze – Green
Single Gauze White – White
Double Gauze Black – Red
Double Gauze White – Grey
Triple Gauze Black – Black
Triple Gauze White – White
Artificial Silk White – Yellow
Black Artificial Silk – Black
1/4 Artificial Silk White – Blue
Natural Chinese Silk White – White

Reduction STOP Textiles:

Material Reducción
Artificial silk 1 STOP
Chinese silk (Natural) 1/2 STOP
1/4 Artificial silk 1/4 STOP
Single Gauze Black or White 1/2 STOP
Double Gauze Black or White 1 STOP
Triple Gauze Black or White 1 1/2 STOP


Floppies are Flags that have an additional layer of material sewn on one side and fastened around it with Velcro, making it a double size flag when opened. They are made with black Molton and Commando Cloth to control or completely block natural or artificial light.