Phase One IQ 280 camera



Sensor: 53.7mm x 40.4mm
Lens factor: 1.0
Active Pixels at full resolution: 10328×7760
Pixel Size: 5.2×5.2
Resolution: 80Mp
Sensor Resolution: 20 Mp
ISO Sensitivity: 35-800
ISO Sensor: 140-3200
Exposure Time: 1/10000 sec ? 2 min.
Capture Time (Images Sec): 0.7
Sensor Capture Time: 0.9
Image Buffer: 1Gb of high speed Advanced RAM
Quality: 16 Bit Opticolor+, 13 dynamic range diaphragms and Lens+ Technology
Screen: 3.2? Touch, 1.15MP, 290ppi, 16 million colors, 170º viewing angle.