Easy to move and comfortable to use. This Mega Boom in black (stand not included) is designed with the most advanced features that make it easy to use even with its large size.

Thanks to its height of more than 3.2m, this boom is perfect for virtually any job. Thanks to its toothed cranks, the movement from one position to another is smooth, without jumps. Pan, tilt and rotation movements are available from a remote control. You’ll have complete confidence, even when you need to move quickly.

Thanks to its zinc and aluminum construction, you are assured of durability for many years. The sandbag counterweight gives you absolute stability, allowing you to put all your attention on your work. Use our compatible Wind-Up brackets to ensure exact positioning for a particular shot (rented separately).

Once you’re done, this Giraffe folds into two very compact sections. Easy to transport, even carrying bags are available for added convenience.