Gitzo – Camera Tripods



The Gitzo Systematic GT – Series 4 is a powerful 6-section professional tripod made of carbon fiber and designed to securely hold large lenses and heavy cameras. It is the perfect combination of minimal weight, durability and unmatched stability.

Not only is it Gitzo’s strongest and most stable tripod, but the Systematic range has set the standard in terms of modularity. The top of the tripod opens and closes, allowing each tripod to be configured with a flat disc, a sliding or serrated column, a half-sphere video adapter, a leveling base or other Systematic accessories.
It weighs 3.56 kg and is capable of supporting up to 42 kg of load. It extends from a mere 10 cm to 278 cm, while folding to just 73 cm.

A highly safe and versatile solution that is easy to carry anywhere. This model features Gitzo’s patented Carbon eXact tubes with the twist lock G-lock mechanism. Ultra-stable removable feet make this stand even more secure. The Easy Link connector offers versatility and ergonomics, allowing the user to attach a wide range of optional accessories, such as Manfrotto arms, LED lighting, monitors, etc.
With a top leg diameter of 41.3m, this 6-section is the perfect choice for professionals who want to travel light but require the right level of stability for their equipment.

It is a popular choice for photographers looking for a reliable and stable stand available for carrying heavy professional equipment with large focal length lenses.