Master Stand Manfrotto 1004 Black


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The best tripod for Phofoto Head Plus.

Transportable and compact, the Master Stand is a must-have and innovative product. Made of reliable, lightweight aluminum, it won’t weigh you down and is strong enough to support up to 9 kg.

With an innovative quick stacking system, the stand can be purchased as a set or separately. The Master Stand comes with a range of pole sizes including 18, 20, 23 and 30cms. Connect them according to your needs for a tailor-made kit; an innovative space-saving feature.

Practical and smart, its compact design fits easily into your bag so you’re always ready for demanding outdoor shoots. Pack everything into a more compact case to keep things tidy in the studio.

The main stand comes in 4 sections and with 3 risers, giving you total precision. It features air cushioning so you can work quickly without worrying about catching your fingers or damaging your equipment. The wide footprint opens up to 106cm to keep your shots steady on even the toughest terrain. Universally flexible, the shank has a 3/8” and 1/4” thread. Its impressive height range of 124cm to 366cm allows you to capture new perspectives.